Do you want to get closer to your Self?

Not the you that everyone else sees. The collection of dreams, desires, loves, knowledge and questions that intuit, wonder, and wander. Some call this inner-being, spirit or soul, I call it Self. With a capital “s”. It’s your inner expert.

It’s the you that knows (or at least wonders if) deep deep down there has to be more to life than what you are currently experiencing. The you that is under layers of family-imposed beliefs, socially-imposed behaviors, relationship stories, and fears of not being seen, understood, or accepted.  

Your Self knows exactly how you want to do life. It has all of the wisdom and intuition you need, and it is patiently waiting for you to begin to listen to and trust it again. The way you get closer to your Self is by unpacking, processing, and releasing the layers of emotional muck, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. This is where I come in.

I help my clients get closer to their Selves. As layers get unpacked, processed, and released, your Self is able to emerge as your guide, confident and aligned. You feel lighter, life becomes easier, and every moment more and more enjoyable.

So, are you are ready to get closer to your Self?

Check out my TEDx talk on balance, and what else is possible when you work with me.

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