I see you. Yes, you.

You are working really hard. Being the perfect woman/man, partner, parent, employee, boss, friend is exhausting. You feel like there's not enough. Not enough time, not enough sleep, not enough money, not enough you. But you don't have to feel that way.

Imagine not hitting the snooze button five times before gulping down your coffee to run off to your job/to-do list. Imagine waking up and feeling happy, focused, and excited for the day! Imagine feeling like you have enough and are enough.

Check out my TEDx talk on balance, and what else is possible when you work with me.

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You Already Know

One of my favorite parts of being a coach is reintroducing my clients to their own "knowing". The kind of knowing that happens in the body rather than the brain. The kind of knowing that sends energized chills down your spine, causes you to breathe deeper, and allows you to see clearer. It has the comfort of a return home and the excitement of a fresh start all in one. The best part is that we are all born with this. Somewhere along the way, we lose touch with our “knowing”. Read more...


Choose it or Change it


For a very long time my grandparents had a pre-remote TV. Any time I wanted to change the channel or volume, I had to get up from the couch or floor, walk over to the TV and adjust it. Of course at the time I couldn’t appreciate the beauty of that old pre-remote TV. Because of the pace at which everyone is moving (and expected to move), I view taking the time and effort to consciously choose something as a luxury rather than inconvenience. Read more...


Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon

Keep your eyes on the horizon. This phrase is used across a variety of disciplines including sailing, hiking, driving, and investing. In driving it means keeping your focus on farthest point of the road you can see (towards the horizon line) which enables you to see -- and react to -- what’s happening on the whole road rather than just the car in front of you. Read more...