Acceptance,  Mindfulness


Acceptance is the answer to many of life’s tough questions: how do I deal with an annoying person or situation? How do I stop hurting after a breakup? How do I stop being jealous of what other people earn, have, or are simply born with? The answer to all of these questions (and many more) is acceptance. By accepting a person, situation, and most importantly yourself as is, there is no more room to wonder how we can change it; the only way we can change any of the above is by changing our perspective, by practicing acceptance.

Imagine whatever it is that you would like to change. Now imagine that you no longer have to worry about trying to change it; imagine that you accept it just as it is. How much more energy do you have to devote to your family? Job? Friends? Hobbies and workouts?

Of course, accepting all of your problems as they are at once is a LOT to ask; with that said, I invite challenge you to pick one small problem and accept it, just as it is, for one week. An easy way to practice acceptance is by repeating a mantra to yourself when you encounter the thing you’ve chosen to accept:

Example Mantra: I accept this as it is, so that I may devote more time and energy to the things I can change/love.