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Coach Quest: Is a Life Coach Right for You?

Life Coaching has become a popular field to get into and offers a wide range of specialties. This is great because it means that you have a lot of options; it also means that making a decision can be confusing or overwhelming (post on decision-making and the benefits of habits coming soon). I’m going to bring some clarity to the picture. The goal of this post is to answer the following questions:

  1. What is a Life Coach?
  2. What benefits can you experience from working with a Life Coach?
  3. How do you pick the right coach?
  4. How do you know it’s the right time to work with a coach?

Heeeeerrrrre we go!

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who helps clients achieve their goal(s) through offering support, motivation, guidance, and holding clients accountable. There are all kinds of specialty coaching, including (but not limited to): Health, Nutrition, Religious, Business/Career/Executive/Entrepreneur, Financial, Sports/Performance, Empowerment/Vulnerability, and the list goes on. Life Coaching is used as the umbrella term, though is also an area of coaching (synonymous with Lifestyle Coaching). Life/Lifestyle Coaching often reaches across many of the specialties above (such is life).

What benefits can you experience from working with a Life Coach?

If you are feeling stuck, considering making a change, or are ready to change, a Life Coach can be a great asset to get the most out of your potential, and life! Working with a coach can allow you to:

  • Set and achieve powerful goals
  • Improve relationships (with family, friends, romantic partner)
  • Resolve conflict (with or without other party directly involved)
  • Identify your life’s purpose (HUGE deal!)
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence, feelings of fulfillment

Imagine that you are doing (or attempting) sit-ups; you know that part where you slow down, about half-way up? A Life Coach helps clients get through the sticky part of the sit up, and keep getting through it. Maybe the sit-up represents a relationship, career, or your life; you are doing your thing when all of a sudden you start to feel stuck. Enter Life Coach. Your Life Coach identifies techniques you can employ, tools you can use, and new ways to approach the sit up challenge so you can make it through as many as you want!

How do you pick the right coach?

Picking a coach is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. The first item of business is to get clear on the following ideas:

  • Do you want to coach in person or over the phone/Skype? Choosing a coach who works over the phone will give you a wider range of coaches to choose from, though some people work better person-to-person, and that’s okay too!
  • In what area, and about what topics, would you like coaching?

Once you figure out the above, head to Google and see who’s out there; undoubtedly there will be a coach with whom you resonate. You dig their bio or blog, love their fun (or all-business) attitude, and they work in the area you’d like coaching! If you like someone but would like more information, don’t be afraid to shoot them an e-mail or give them a call and ask away. It’s important that you like and respect your coach in order to get the most out of the work you do together.

How do you know it’s the right time to work with a coach?

The one word that generally applies to anyone seeking coaching is transition. If you are facing a transition, feeling stuck, know you want to shift/change/transform something in your life, or you are ready to begin something new, it’s a great time to work with a coach. Coaches want to help you get where you want to be, and can help you choose the best path to get there!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and are able to apply it to your own quest for a coach when you find yourself ready for change!