Acceptance,  Compassion,  Self-Acceptance

Letting Go of "Supposed to"

Sometimes I feel like society (social media, advertisements, the news) is telling me what I’m “supposed to” do, look, and feel like…

I am supposed to have one job and dislike it

I am supposed to be exhausted at the end of the day

I am supposed to be cellulite and fat free

I am supposed to not have “me” time

I am supposed to be productive every minute of every day

I am supposed to be detoxing, dieting, or otherwise modifying my meals

I am supposed to be Strong (with a capital S, and zero vulnerability)

I am supposed to be emotionally-controlled at all times (zero tears, and no laughing too loud)

I am supposed to work out as many times per week as possible (the fewer clothes and more selfies I take during, the better)

I am supposed to want to be social all the time

I am supposed to be perfect


Do you everĀ feel like society is telling you “supposed to” about something?


I am letting go of “supposed to”…

I have two jobs, and love them

I feel fulfilled at the end of the day

I have fat (and cellulite) and I’m beautiful

I plan “me” time

I play, relax, and am productive throughout the day

I eat what makes my body feel full and energized

I am strong (with a lowercase s and a lot of vulnerability)

I cry, I laugh, I laugh so hard I cry

I don’t stress if I miss a workout (working out is my tool to combat stress, not a source of it)

I take quiet time for myself when I need to

I am imperfect… and awesome for it


What if you let go of “supposed to”?