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Patience Pays Off

Patience (3)

You talk about losing it like it’s something that is ever firmly in your grasp. But patience feels more like something floating around in the air you just hope gets close enough for you to grab. Grasping, grabbing, clutching, holding tightly is not the nature of patience. Patience is achieved when one surrenders, not fights. Patience is something to  S O F T E N  into, to breathe into. And it starts with you.

When you have patience with yourself, you will find it easier to have patience with others. Quit being a jerk to yourself, because eventually it trickles out to the other people in your life. You don’t deserve that, and neither does anyone else. You are not “harder”, cooler, or tougher because you beat yourself up in your head. You are most likely more lonely, and less confident and motivated.

Notice the next time you make a snap judgement (about yourself or others), and try practicing patience instead. If this sounds all rainbows and unicorns to you, think about it as talking to yourself like you would your best friend, or your child, parent, sibling, pet, et cetera. The bottom line is that practicing patience pays off: you will be nicer to you, you will be nicer to those around you and eventually, other people will pick up on your behavior and reflect it back to you. Everyone wins. Oh and, be patient with the process, everyone’s doing the best they can (including you).