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Permission Part I: How to Break Up with Labels

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The only person you really need permission from is yourself. What gets in the way? Your unexamined labels and limits.

When you were young, someone labeled you; you were the smart one, the pretty one, the creative one, the tall one, the athletic one, the funny one… Labels help when you’re young and learning what’s what, but once you know a dog from a cat, labels stop helping. But labels don’t stop coming at us. By the time we reach adulthood, we have amassed a collection of labels to rival that of art at the Lourve (home of the Mona Lisa).

The problem isn’t actually the labels themselves, the problem is that you don’t challenge the labels that have been bestowed upon you when you get beyond the point when labels teach you a cat from a dog. Forget challenge, you don’t even consciously notice them. So how do you give yourself permission and get out of your own way?

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Like any good collection in life, yours will need curating from time to time. That means repeating this process every few months or years to ensure your collection still represents you

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