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Quiet: Opportunity for Mindfulness

We are bombarded every day by sights and sounds (a.k.a. external stimuli), whether or not we choose to be. This happens through ads on TV, radio, your favorite music service, billboards, and in magazines. We also have that inner voice, creating chatter, whether it’s about us or someone else. As hard as we may try to tune these things out, it takes energy to ignore it, and sometimes it’s difficult to not get wrapped up in the external conversation; who’s dating who? What drama happened last weekend? Did you see what happened on the last episode of (insert favorite reality show here)? Sometimes it gets difficult to stay connected to and grounded in who we are, and what we want to do.

What if you just stopped for a moment and listened to the quiet?
… Do you hear that? It is the forgotten dream, the new idea, the comforting words of wisdom that hang out at your core, deep within. With all of the external noise and internal chatter, we can’t see or hear these beautiful pieces of ourselves. Listen to the quiet. Create a quiet(er) space by turning off music, your phone, as many external distractions as possible and allow your thoughts to come to the surface and be heard. Do it NOW! Okay, maybe not now, but try the following at least once twice this week:

Once all external distractions are quieted (to the best of your ability), sit in a comfortable position, and turn on a timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes, and notice what comes up for you. Once your timer goes off, thank yourself for the time, and jot down what came up for you in a notebook or e-notebook. Keeping a record of what comes up can be helpful in identifying trends, habits, and ideas.

Accept the thoughts/feelings that arise.

Judge the thoughts/feelings that arise.

Happy living!