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My Bookshelf

I love books, and I love seeing what other people have in their collection. If you share this love and curiosity, you can take a look at what's currently on my bookshelf (complete with links)...

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is an all-around illuminating badass, and one of my first introductions to desire-following as a lifestyle. If you haven't checked out her store, do yourself a favor and take a peek! There is bound to be something that calls to your soul and supports your worthiness journey!

My personal favorites are her books and planners.

Styled By E.

Elissa, founder of Styled By E. is a dear friend and I truly love what she's up to. She helps you express your worthiness through your personal style. I worked with her before my TEDx talk in 2015 and loved the experience! She is offering a Fall Wardrobe Reset to help women tune into --and rock-- their personal style! Don't feel like you have one? Perfect! She'll help you.

Elissa has a deep passion for helping women learn how to choose clothes that make them feel as amazing as they are and reflect their authentic selves. With an impressive portfolio of clients including Anthropologie, Bare Minerals, Westfield Malls, Conditions Apply, UK, and ShopStyle spanning 10+ years, the woman clearly knows what she's doing!

Update: Registration for the Fall Wardrobe Reset is currently closed, but be sure to check out Styled By E. for her upcoming talks, projects, and other exciting happenings!