"As someone who's not new to life coaches or therapists, I cannot recommend Sara highly enough to anyone in a rut. Working with Sara at a point when life was all question marks turned out to be the best decision I've made in years. Her ability to cut through issues and offer targeted guidance allowed me stop spinning and get back on track from the first session. She walked me through my issues step by step, one by one until everything made sense, moving as quickly or slowly as needed until everything made sense. Every session ended with her sending me resources to expand on things we discussed so I was able to continue to really dive into the areas that I needed to work on the most. You can tell she is genuinely interested in helping me with my pain points and getting me to my best self as though she was a lifelong friend. Being such a genuine advocate and having the expertise to back it up has made her an invaluable resource in my continued growth. Thank you so much Sara!"



"I accomplished more with Sara than I did with 15 years of therapy. Realizing that something that had happened to me over 30 years ago was affecting me so much was such a powerful experience. I immediately felt lighter and more confident about myself and who I am. It’s truly incredible! I look back and don’t even recognize the person I was when I started working with her. I’ve started making myself a priority. I realize that I really like myself, which is such a wonderful feeling. I have never felt more optimistic about my life and where I can go! There are no words to describe how grateful I am for this experience."

-Jen R.


"Working with Sara has been one of the most accelerated, charged experiences of my life.  I found in her someone I could trust, open up to and know in my heart, in my soul that she genuinely was there for me. Sara helped me break down some walls and self inflicted pain and beliefs; she helped me see the powerful woman with a voice, with a story, with something truly special to share with the world, that lies in me. My journey is not over, far from it - but I have gained the tools to feel more confident, more courageous and more certain that I CAN do whatever I want to do. I CAN accomplish whatever I intend to. I CAN be whomever I authentically feel and no one's judgement can change that. Thank you Sara for showing me all that lies in my soul - my eyes were open but I couldn’t see until you helped me to know where to look and how to access it. You are the best!" 

-Brandi D.


"Sara lead a vision and goal workshop at the beginning and end of my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It was such a great way to break the ice with the group in the first session and allow my students to open up. At the end of my training, Sara helped my students set goals and an intention on where they visualized themselves moving forward. My students really appreciated Sara's kind demeanor and her ability to get them to start putting their goals into action. If you are looking to grow as an individual or looking for a great workshop for a group, I highly recommend working with Sara. She is the best in the industry and a true professional!"

-Lauren Huber Griffith, Body by Lauren


"My Color Insight session with Sara was very helpful. Sara made me feel very comfortable, and explained everything very well and her energy was conducive to healing. The session gave me immediate clarity on questions that I had in my life. Thank you Sara!"

- Colette K.


"Sara is great Coach. She has helped me appreciate things about myself I never would have realized without her. She truly cares about the people she helps, and is willing to talk or help anyway she can."

- Rock F.