Private Coaching

Insight Expansion Session

During a 75-minute call we will focus on expanding your insight on one topic. Before we meet I will send you a brief questionnaire to get an idea of which area you would like to focus on, what you have tried and where you would ultimately like to be. Single sessions can help provide insight and shifts in perspective around one issue or in one area of life.

Private Coaching Package

Over four months of working together I will guide you through unpacking, processing, and releasing the blocks that hold you back from creating the life your heart and soul are ready for. Before our first session I will send you a questionnaire so I get a clear picture of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be. We will have three weeks of calls, and every fourth week we won't meet to allow for integration. Each call will be 60 minutes, and you will have unlimited Voxer support throughout. You will receive an integration questionnaire during integration weeks to further support your reflections and growth. This process provides the container for the deep work of rebuilding your emotional foundation in a way that allows you to expand to your next level of love, connection, and confidence.

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