Group Coaching

I am excited to announce that the Worthiness Masterclass is coming back... as a DIGITAL COURSE!

During this course, I guide people through learning how to identify when they are in shame, what their shame story is, how to say thank you and goodbye to the shame struggle, and accept --with their whole body-- their worthiness.

Shame and not feeling worthy is what holds us back from creating the life we truly desire. It's what makes us think "there's no way I can get the job/relationship/sex/friendship/[insert desire here] I really want." Through doing the intensive work myself and with so many clients over the years, I felt called to create an opportunity for people to learn how to create freedom from shame shackles in a digital course.

This workshop series is open to all levels of self-development junkies, as shame pops up and challenges every up-leveling we create for ourselves.

People who feel called to this class will walk away equipped with the tools to disarm shame whenever it shows up, and feeling a new level of self-love and worthiness!

"Notify me when this course becomes available!"