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I see you. Yes, you.

You are doing the worthiness hustle.

The "everything's-okay-but-not-really-but-I don't-want-anyone-to-know-it" dance. You feel "on" all the time, perfecting and pleasing your way through the day, and always asking others for their opinion before checking in with yourself...

Or maybe you prefer the "don't-mess-with-me-because-I'll-get-you-back-worse" dance. You somehow always feel like you need to be on the defensive, saying things you don't really mean that wind up making you feel more alone than you did to begin with...

Or perhaps you go for the "f*ck-it-I'm-outta-here" dance. When things get sticky, you don't stick around. You pride yourself on being a bad mama-jama and your ability to "give zero f*cks", except that you do. You actually care a lot, and you're tired of feeling so far away from the people you actually want to feel closer to.

Regardless of which is your go-to dance, I bet you find yourself wanting more.

More energy, compassion, connection, freedom, love for yourself, intimacy with your partner. The ability to stand up for yourself and your heart. The ability to connect with your heart and soul to know what you even have the desire to stand up for. You long to be able to say no without guilt, to not have obligations for obligation-sake, and to feel great about the obligations you choose to commit to.

You do not have to hustle for your worthiness. You are worthy right now, as you are.

I get it because I've been there. I did the worthiness hustle and I was great at it. Until it stopped working. I realized that my issues with worthiness were behind me compromising pieces of myself throughout life: in my romantic relationship, interactions with friends, business, and family. I wanted to show up fully; as myself, uncensored and uncompromised, without worrying about being responsible for anyone else's feelings at the end of the day.

I began to unpack, process, and release my outdated beliefs and ways of being that I had allowed to hold me back for so long. I began to feel the freedom, trust in myself, and security I had always desired. No more guilt around saying no, no more obligations for obligation-sake, no more tending to other people's feelings at the expense of my own.

Are you ready for more? To fulfill your desires? To stop compromising pieces of yourself? To begin to feel aligned, energized, confident, and truly worthy?

If the answer is a resounding "YES!" click the link below.


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